Zombie Nation

Zombie Nation Management: management@zombienation.com
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Zombie Nation isn't your run of the mill producer. In fact he?s not your run of the mill anything. From turning pre-historic video game soundtracks into top ten hits and creating tracks from collages of weird sounds fans have penned, to donning demented wigs while bouncing maniacally during his electrifying live sets ? nothing is too far-fetched for this man.
The artist formerly known as Splank, Florian Senfter has carved out one of the most exciting and glaringly individual careers modern dance music has witnessed. Having such success so early on with his first Gigolo release ? the chart-smashing ?Kernkraft 400? - could so easily have gone straight to his head, but Flo was too stubborn and single-minded to succumb to any material lure of permanent limelight. Instead he?s concentrated on painstakingly moulding one of the most unique sonic characters around.
It was with 2006 album ?Black Toys? that he really nailed his signature sound. Dirty, funk-fuelled analogue grooves laden with ingenious melodies and other-worldly production techniques, delivered via a plethora of the most aurally orgasmic outboard toys. That is the name of Zombie?s game. 2009?s ?Zombielicious? saw him take this already feverishly dynamic blueprint and turn the distortion up to 11. The LP was the unmistakable sound of a producer on top of his game and having a ball at the same time.
This year has already seen a crazy flurry of activity - he?s been busy in the studio with close compadre and Turbo Records head, Tiga, concocting yet more dancefloor dynamite for a new LP under their ZZT guise, as well as creating more incendiary weapons to add to his Zombie Nation live show - which, if you haven?t yet witnessed, is the only way to fully experience the unbridled force of his insanely infectious genius. It should also be said that Mr Zombie Nation doesn?t use the term "live" lightly, like so many producers do these days. Zombie Nation live is an orchestra of vintage synths and controllers grinding and hollering to Flo?s frenetic yet magical touch.
But his recent output hasn't all been down to him. One of his latest and greatest is a product of his embracing our planet?s current social networking mayhem ? his own brand of ?Internet Democratic Music.? Through his Facebook site he put the word out to his fans to submit all manner of sounds and samples, and from these he created the ground-breaking and aptly titled - ?Minds of Many?. And being such a success,
don?t be surprised if another project crediting his now heaving entourage surfaces very soon.
Suddenly a Zombie Nation of his very own looks to be a very real prospect.